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Electric heated NB furnace

1.Brazing Furnace

     Mesh belt width   
:  As Required

     Entrance height     :  As required
     Conveyor type       :   Mash belt conveyor (SUS 316. )

     Brazing temperature   :  590 ~605 degree C

     Peak operation temperature :  650 degree C max.

     Heat source                  :  Electricity

 Temperature control           :  

       Upper/lower heater PID control

           Accurate temperature control is realized by PID control method.

      Ramp-up and ramp-down  :  Gradual heating and cooling of each 
zone is independently controlled by programmable controller

      Atmosphere condition  :  Oxygen density below 50ppm

                                        (at the range above 580 to 605) 

      Temperature uniformity :  5 degree (at the range above 580~605 degree C)

      Control device :  Programmable temperature controller

                               (to avoid deforming of muffle case)


 2. Braze zone

       Exterior welded structures of steel    

       Interior Ceramic fiber       

       Muffle case                              

       Upper SUS304L (t = 6~8mm)

       Lower SUS310L(t = 8~10mm)

       Length : depend on Capacity.  

Heater element FCH-2               


        Heater shall be located outside of muffle case for easy maintenance

        Heater capacity : (A/R)at single phase


        Atmosphere sampling points in braze zones           

          Heater and terminal cover          

          Nitrogen gas multiple inlets         

          Peripheral wire and cable           


3. Water cooling section                                         

          Water cooling jacket (overflow type)  

       Exterior SUS304L         

       Interior SUS304L

       Flow meter (for nitrogen)             

       Cushion cylinder                  

       Pipe for water cooling section         


 4. Temperature controller

        Self standing type

        Appendix MFB, Magnet, Integrating PLC, Relay, indicator, SCR

        Recorder : electronic automatic temp. recorder    0~800(K)

        Digital temperature controller PID control    0~800(K)

        Programming device                                 

        Thermocouple   K type                            

 5. Driving unit                                                    

        Variable speed motor with reducer(0.4kw)  

         (Speed range 0~0.5meters/min.)

        Mesh belt(SUS316)           

        Driven drum                           


 6. Atmosphere gas sampling system                               


        Oxygen density analyzer                  

        Sampling range 0~10, 0~100, 0~1,000ppm

        Sampling pipe                          

        Vacuum pump        

 7. Others
 Other detail specification will be mentioned on SWT's proposal.